Abundant Health Chiropractic Center

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Abundant Health Chiropractic Center


"I thank God for Dr. Ferguson, he has done wonders for my back pain."
C. Ritchie

"I have been going to Dr. David and his father for over 20 years. Chiropractic care has allowed me to enjoy a quality-of-life without drugs that prior to that time I did not know. Through them I have learned how to take care of myself and my back so that my life is not dependent on pain relievers and time off work."
D. Ruppert

"I injured my neck lifting weights and after a week I still couldn't straighten my neck due to the pain and stiffness. I consulted Dr. Ferguson and after two adjustments my neck was feeling great."
J. Schreiber

"Not only has Dr. Ferguson helped by vertigo problems but also my Ménière's disease and definitely my back pain."
C. Cheek

"I twisted my back and my legs & feet got numb. [I had] no relief until I went to Dr. Ferguson. He took X-rays and found the problem so that is why I go to him for treatment. He really helped me."
L. Florence

"I have gone to Dr. David a long time. He has done wonders for me. I would recommend him to anyone."
C. Mathes

"I have been a patient for a couple of years and am able to control my back pain with an adjustment every 4 to 6 weeks. Dr. Dave and staff are friendly and caring. The office is clean and comfortable. Patients do not have a long wait. I highly recommend Dr. Dave and encourage anyone in pain to give Dr. Dave a call."
M. McCord

"My name is Daniel B. Tincher, I live in Paris, Kentucky. I have been a patient of both Dr. D. R. Ferguson and his son Dr. David Ferguson in Cynthiana for many years, in fact more years than I like to think about. Please let me tell you about my experiences with both of these doctors. On my first visit I was impressed with Dr. DR. He told me that he would not treat me without first an x-ray to look at my back. Now, I would not want a person treating me for a bad back if he did not know what my back looked like and what he needed to do in order to treat me. After the x-rays were examined he told me my back was bad and that he could not cure me but he could keep it from getting any worse. That was an honesty that I respected. To date he and his son Dr. David Ferguson have, for the most part, done just that. And for that I am grateful. My medical doctor at the VA Hospital in Lexington is surprised that I have gone this long without being in a wheelchair. I am going on 78 years old and while I don't walk like I once did I am still walking thanks to the two Ferguson Drs. Donna Ferguson, Dr. DR's wife, does the administrative work and keeps the office running smooth. She is a real joy to talk to. If anyone needs chiropractic treatment this is the first place to consider for help. This is a family-run business and they will treat you like family."
D. Tincher.