Abundant Health Chiropractic Center

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Abundant Health Chiropractic Center


Orthotics- Custom foot orthotics made from molds of your feet are available through us. http://footlevelers.com/

Pillows- A number of pillow designs are available, including Therapeutica brand pillows. http://www.therapeuticainc.com/sp_features.html

Back supports- We carry lumbar support pillow to be used at home or in your car.

Biofreeze- A topical analgesic product called Biofreeze is a favorite among patients. http://www.biofreeze.com/

Calcium- Cal Apatite is a product which, because of it's unique formula, has been shown to not only slow the decrease in bone density but to actually help increase bone density. http://metagenics.com/products/detail.asp?pid=57

Glucosamine- Glucosamine Sulfate has become a well accepted supplement for joint support. It makes sure your body has the building blocks it needs to repair cartilage.

Ice packs- Reducing joint inflammation with cryotherapy rather than drugs is a safer way to find relief.